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The Dental Den is an exciting Oral Health Promotion Programme developed for dental practices and health providers. 
Dental Practices in Ireland are seeing high levels of tooth decay in children.  Tooth decay is a preventable disease!
The Dental Den is an educating initiative for children that is fun!
The Dental Den are calling on all dental professionals form both private and public sectors to run the programme and form a national network.
The Dental Den has been developed by Kellie O'Shaughnessy, a Dental Hygienist working in private practice with a special interest in Health Promotion.  Kellie has worked very closely with members of the HSE and believes this positive approach of forming networks can move oral health promotion forward.  The Dental Den programme can also be adapted across a range of health sectors incorporating a holistic view on health.
Kellie is currently studying her Post Graduate/Masters in Health Promotion in NUI Galway.
Kellie is the Oral Health
Promotion Representative
 for the Irish Dental
 Hygienist Association.
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