Sugars: Reading Labels and Frequency
Think of the day in terms of a clock, remembering every intake of sugar even if hidden in food/drinks gives an acid attack:
Breakfast: Acid Attack 1 hour
Lunch: Acid Attack 1 hour
Dinner: Acid Attack 1 hour
What happens when we have a biscuit, a drink of juice, jelly, yogurts... snacking on foods containing sugar will give us an acid attack each time
Reading Sugar Amounts
Under the word carbohydrate, you will see sugars..
5g = 1 teaspoon of sugar
Remember to check amounts,
for example a bottle of Coca-cola may read that 100ml is 10g of sugar but there may be 500ml in the bottle!!! Yes thats upto 10 teaspoons of sugar in Coca-cola.
Read some labels today and see for yourself....
The choice is yours.... the mouth is the gateway to the body and the bigger picture is the effect on general health preventing obesity and diabetes
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